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Dances, Dramas and Songs  in Sandadi

The culmination of all the creative talents and performing potentials of the children takes place on the school annual day aptly called SANDADI, a meticulously planned and excellently executed cultural program that includes great work of craft songs, dances, dramas and puppetry. Except clothes literally everything including backdrops, jewelery and props are made in-house. It is the single most favorite program of our students in which everyone has an opportunity to participate and perform. Sandadi is a Sweet memory carved out of love passion and technique, ideas and joy that lives on for ever in the hearts of students, teachers and every one involved.

Meet the Guest

Interactions with people of expertise in various fields are a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn some concepts most effectively. People from various walks of life are invited regularly in Meet the Guest program that gives a valuable experience to the children.

Craft and Art

paper and cardboard crafts

Pottery Workshop

Craft work is a combination of creativity and technique. It gives life to child’s imagination and enunciates self-confidence and independence. Various materials like clay, paper, wood, cloth and cardboard take shape in our craft class. Pop-Up cards, 3D paper craft that require mathematical precision and absolute clarity and technique are children’s forte. The process remarkably motivates the students to be observant, learn practical applicative skills, make mistakes and learn from mistakes.


 Srujanodayam is a 20 minutes assembly for classes 1st to 10th. Students are encouraged to share their experiences and showcase their creativity in the form of skits, dramas, songs, dances, puppetry etc.,. A new song is learnt every fortnight and a story is read every week and there can be literally anything that children feel like doing during that time.




There is nothing beautiful than working together as one.

Children must learn to do the daily chores on their own instead looking for help, and this will develop the respect for labour. The school premise is everybody’s responsibility. With the help of adults, the students ensure the premises and class rooms are cleaned, plants are watered, science lab and library are kept in order. No chore is look down upon and everyone collectively takes care of school in turns. Under the supervision of teacher, the students confidently take up painting the walls and blackboard, building cement benches, constructing walls etc.

By engaging students in this activity we believe that they own the premises and take responsibility to keeping it tidy.


Eruka-The Awareness

 There are issues about which a deep and comprehensive knowledge is desirable that the regular curriculum doesn’t give children a scope for that. ERUKA ( awareness) is a program aimed at giving children a stimulation and an opportunity to learn about an issue in depth to get a wide awareness about it. Each year a new issue or a concept which has a social or universal relevance is taken and all the children of upper primary and secondary classes work on it at different levels. Learning with an objective makes many children learn seriously. Children exhibit their projects and try to spread the awareness among the invitees to the program that include students, teachers and parents from neighbouring localities and schools.

Sports and Games

No child ever has enough play- A.S.Neil

 Play is child’s life and no child is complete without it. The aim of game is not winning but developing the ability to win as a group. Children of all classes have regular games periods.

They play outdoor and indoor games abiding to the plan prepared by them.




“Reading maketh a man”

 It is a vital part of the school and there is a perpetual effort to infuse the joy of reading into every child. Some assignments and projects are so designed as to make the children refer books in the library for collecting information. A central library with a variety of books for every age and interest apart from mini libraries in every subject environment, an ambiance that stimulates reading easy access, regular library periods and take home facility all help in inculcating reading habits.




Drama is a very effective tool in improving communication skills and creative expression. All the children love dramatics and every opportunity is utilized to explore it. Children have plenty of chances and occasions to perform like in daily assembly and on national festival days and on our school annual cultural event.  Our kids have performed quite a number of place in Telugu, Hindi and English very effectively.



Field Trips

Learning is never complete within closed walls. Exposer to the real world provides a comprehensive picture. Field trips- academic or non-academic –are considered very important. Collection of information through books or discussions before going and report writing after coming back are done without fail.

Elections & Parliament

Parliament..Freedom is when other's freedom is valued n democracy is when duties are mined before fighting for rights. At Abhyasa Vidyalayam children are free to question if something goes wrong , against the spirit of the school. They are free to demand for their rights . This is exercised on a special platform called School Parliament in which elected leaders of the students are on one side and the teachers on the other.

The parliamentary procedures take place in the presence of a president. The bills are presented by the ministers and they discussed for a suitable decision to be taken. The School Pupil Leader and the ASPL are elected through secret ballot.  This opportunity we believe makes the children question the drawbacks of the  system when they grow up.

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